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"Specializing in the Paranormal "



Mid-Mo Supernatural League is not your average paranormal investigative team as we use unique techniques (which are based on Jewish, Christian and Native American rituals). While paranormal research is not a proven or exact science, phenomenon associated with hauntings have been documented and proven to be factual over many decades. There are mediums, psychics, and spiritualists who are extremely gifted when communicating with spirits and entities, yet our league  would better be classified as spirit "Faith Healers".  Many spirits do not realize they have passed on to the next realm and need "spiritual healing" to crossover. When mediating with spirits we can detect if they are good or bad and deal with them accordingly. We, at Mid-Mo Supernatural League, strive to find the answers you seek.  



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Donations are welcomed and all funds are used towards expenses for gasoline, equipment, accessories, etc.


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 "He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness."  

 ~ 1 Samuel 2:9  

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